Kuwait Cracks Down on Beach Violations: Raids Target Offenders.

The inspection teams of the Environment Public Authority on Saturday carried out a joint campaign with the Environment Police, with the aim of removing environmental encroachments on the beaches, reports Al-Rai daily. During the campaign that targeted the “Marina” beach in Salmiya, the inspection teams recorded three violations, while beach-goers who were mostly committed to the environmental law were strictly instructed with some articles of the law and the great importance of preserving the marine environment.

The Director of the Inspection Department at the authority, Nada Al-Dabbashi, announced that continuous inspection campaigns will be implemented on all Kuwaiti beaches, islands and chalets to monitor beach goers. She added that the authority focuses on implementing Article No. 33 of the Environmental Protection Law, which is concerned with throwing waste in designated places, and Article No. 100 in the event that prohibited hunting tools are used, or harm to wild organisms is observed. She pointed out that the fine ranges from 500 to 5,000 dinars for violating Article No. 100 of the Environmental Protection Law, if it is transferred to the Public Prosecution.

With regard to encroachments on the beaches of the chalets, Al-Dabbashi pointed out that there are many reports in this regard, in addition to igniting or burying coal, and an inspection is being carried out to take the necessary measures. With regard to the violating elderly women, I mentioned that the violating and existing ones are being dealt with without studying the environmental impact, or rejected by the authority. Al-Dabbashi expressed her hope that all beach-goers would abide by the environmental protection law, in order to avoid environmental violations, so that Kuwait’s environment would be clean and free of encroachments.

Source- Arab Times.

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