Plans to rationalize internet usage.

The plan of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, which was announced in the official gazette “Kuwait Al-Youm”, revealed the ministry’s intention to supply, install and operate a system for “rationalizing the use of the Internet” within the ministry, reports Aljarida daily.

The ministry explained that the detailed objective of that tender is to monitor and analyze data traffic in the network, follow up events related to protection, web contents and e-mail, and set settings and policies to monitor suspicious movements on the ministry’s network, in addition to developing accurate analytical reports on what happens during data traffic.

The plan included the purchase of fingerprint devices for recording attendance and departure in all work sites in the ministry and replacing the old fingerprint devices with newer ones that are compatible with the updates of the system for managing fingerprint devices and with the Civil Service Commission system and linking them to the integrated system.

Source- Arab Times.

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