No break idea wins support; MPs’ reluctance delays gov’t formation.

Several MPselect have expressed support for the plan of their colleague — Soud Al-Asfour — to propose the cancellation of the parliamentary summer break and hold additional special sessions on Thursdays. These MPs-elect including Mete’eb Al- Ra’athan, Majed Al-Mutairi and Muhammad Al-Regaib. Al-Mutairi said the citizens are waiting for achievements and going on vacation just a few months after the election is a waste of time.

Al-Regaib pointed out that the nation’s will has been blocked for years; hence, efforts must be intensified to compensate for the wasted time. MP Jarrah Al-Fawzan praised the proposal, stressing the need for maximizing the time in the interest of the citizens. On the other hand, constitutional expert Ibrahim Al-Homoud pointed out that the parliamentary break is a must as per articles 85, 86 and 87 of the Constitution. He was quick to clarify though that he praises the rationale behind the proposal. He added the first parliamentary year starts in October, indicating the period between the inaugural session and the beginning of the parliamentary vacation is cut from the first year of the parliamentary term.

Meanwhile, the newly elected MPs’ refusal to assume any ministerial post delayed the formation of the government, which was supposed to be announced on Saturday. MP Osama Al-Shaheen said he received complains from almost 500 applicants for legal jobs regarding the exams they took. He added they told him that the exams are not in line with Kuwaiti legislation. He then called on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to conduct the exams in line with the local laws.

Source- Arab Times.

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