Al-Mubaraki calls on gov’t to allocate budget to fight drugs.

Ambassador Jassim Al- Mubaraki who heads the National Office for Human Rights, has called on the government to allocate a budget to fight drugs and confront drug dealers at home and abroad, reports Al-Qabas daily. Speaking on the sidelines of the panel discussion organized by the bureau, under the title “A healthy and safe society without addiction”, with the participation of many government agencies, Al-Mubaraki said the minds of drug dealers open up daily to invent strange methods to smuggle narcotic substances, and there are global drug mafias fighting countries. Al-Mubaraki added, “Praise be to God, we have not reached the level of mafias in Kuwait, and the Ministry of Interior is doing a tremendous job to confront this scourge.”

Jassim Al- Mubaraki

Al-Mubaraki stated that the Ministry of Interior, headed by First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, is currently doing an excellent job, as well as the team working with him. He went on to say, “All efforts must be combined to deal with this scourge, and there must be no scarcity or stinginess in terms of control efforts, and it must not be said that we do not have a budget, as a budget can be allocated for confrontation, even if a deduction from our food and beverages.”

He explained the scourge of drugs targets society and youth, who are the real wealth of the country, and therefore the presence of the National Committee for Drug Control to address this scourge is necessary and must be composed of academics and specialists from government agencies and civil society organizations and develop a vision and executive mechanisms for confrontation and not just give recommendations to collect dust on the shelves. Al-Mubaraki called for the revival of the National Committee, considering its dissolution in 2014 for several reasons, including the lack of budget, as unacceptable.

The Vice-President of the National Bureau for Human Rights and Chair of the Child Committee, Dr. Siham Al-Fraih, said the recent volume of drug seizures confirms that all Gulf countries are targeted by gangs promoting drugs and poisons, pointing out that this scourge is widespread throughout the world. Dr Al-Fraih called on the Ministry of Education to intensify efforts in schools to confront the scourge of drugs and raise awareness of its danger, especially since students spend more time in schools than when they are at home, if we exclude periods of sleep and entertainment.

Dr. Al-Fraih said “we always talk about the family role, but with regard to the spread of the drug scourge, the matter has become greater than the family’s capabilities, because the spread of this scourge has become dependent on very strange forms. “In light of this situation, we must not burden the family with more responsibilities beyond their capabilities, and we, as official institutions, and in the forefront the Ministry of Education, must provide the necessary support, expertise and assistance in guiding the family and extending a helping hand at all levels.”

Source- Arab Times.

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