MoJ starts paying inmates’ debts using proceeds from ‘campaign’.

The General Department for Sentences Enforcement at the Ministry of Justice has started paying off the debts of debtors as part of the campaign titled “Our assistance is a joy for them”, reports Al-Anba daily. A number of families of those who have been imprisoned due to financial cases praised the campaign for quickly responding to their desire for the release of their relatives before Eid al-Adha so that they could spend the holiday with their families.

The Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Women and Childhood Affairs Eng. Mai Al-Baghli held a meeting with the special committee to follow up the work of the debtors’ campaign titled “Our assistance is a joy for them” in order to approve the final mechanism for disbursement according to the priorities set by the target groups and to send a letter to the Ministry of Justice with the final outcome of the campaign.

The campaign succeeded in collecting KD 11,441,745 through contributions from 59,252 donors during the holy month of Ramadan. The criteria for identifying the debtors who benefited from the campaign were set according to priorities, led by the elderly and women with files in the Civil Execution Department.

Source- Arab Times.

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