PACI speeds up issuance of Civil ID.

The Public Authority for Civil Information has implemented a strategy to expedite the issuance of civil cards to expats, following a crisis that lasted over two years. The situation was further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a backlog of over 200,000 uncollected cards.

According to an official source from the “Civil Information” department, the authority, under the direct instruction of its appointed General Manager, Mansour Al-Muthin, has activated a streamlined process for issuing civil cards upon submission of a request by Kuwaitis or expats. The cards are now ready within a timeframe ranging from one to three working days.

The plan was initially tested on May 20 and subsequently launched officially during the current monthm reports Al Qabas. Since its implementation, the authority has been issuing approximately 13,000 cards per day, with the potential to increase this number to 20,000 cards daily.

The source further mentioned that fines may be imposed on individuals who fail to collect their cards promptly, considering the significant accumulation of around 200,000 ready cards within the system.

Source- Arab Times.

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