Massive Revocation of 66,854 Expat Driving Licenses.

The Ministry of the Interior announced the cancellation of 66,854 valid driving licenses for expatriates whose work permits have been permanently canceled, reports Al-Rai daily. In the first decisions that come based on the recommendations of the committee which was formed to examine the authenticity of the driving licenses that had already been issued ensures that they comply with the ministerial decisions, indicating that other ministerial decisions will be issued later within the same framework. The ministry stated that the committee is still continuing its work in examining the driving licenses that have already been issued and ensuring that they meet with the ministerial conditions, and added the ministerial decisions will be issued as soon as the committee issues its recommendations.

The First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled has issued Ministerial Resolution No. 277/2023 regarding the formation of a committee to examine the issue of driving licenses and ensure their compliance with the conditions stipulated in Ministerial Resolution No. 270 of 2020 regarding amending some provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 81/1976 regulations of the traffic law.

The initial recommendations of the committee that has been formed in this regard came after the committee concluded that there are 66,584 valid licenses for workers whose residency has been canceled as a result of death or they having left the country, and accordingly all those valid licenses have been canceled through the regulations. When the expatriate returns to Kuwait again, he starts from scratch the procedures for obtaining a new license if he/she fulfills the conditions for entitlement to a driving license but they will not be allowed to renew the license based on the fact that they were issued the license earlier by the authorities.

Source- Arab Times.

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