Kuwaitis and Expats traveling from Kuwait with gold bars requires customs documents.

‘Unnecessary’ jewelry must be declared

All travelers – citizens and residents – leaving with gold bars must obtain a statement regarding these bars from the Air Cargo Customs Department at the Kuwait Airport before traveling, within the framework of adherence to the applicable customs procedures, especially since it has been noted that travelers have left with large quantities of gold during the recent period, reports Al-Anba daily. The customs source said this phenomenon has only one meaning that the traveler who carries gold with them has converted the value of his money into gold, which must be dealt with by customs authorities in the context of laws in force to protect the traveler himself before anything.

The traveler is required to bring an invoice proving his ownership of the gold bars, in addition to his identification papers, and submit to the Air Cargo Customs Department one day before travel to prove what bars he will carry with him during the flight, and upon his arrival at the airport, he presents the issued statement to the customs inspectors and completes the journey with ease.

About the quantity limit to be disclosed, the source indicated that any gold bars or coins, regardless of their size, small or large, must be disclosed and a statement obtained, as they are not artefacts or jewelry for personal use, as the bars are known to be a conversion process from currency to gold, and then it must be re-monetized in another country, which must be subject to an audit that ensures the following:

1- Evidence of the traveler’s ownership of the gold, as his submission of the purchase invoice in the export statement is evidence that he obtained it properly and did not obtain it as a result of any illegal behavior.

2- Protection of travelers, both citizens and residents: Proving that citizens and residents carry these bars when traveling is one of the protection mechanisms for them, since they disclosed them directly, which proves their good faith.

Regarding the submission of a statement issued for the artifacts, the source confirmed that the gold artifacts that women carry for personal use when traveling, it is a relative matter. If they are in reasonable quantities that are used as adornment, then a statement by the female traveler is not required. But if the quantities that a woman wears are exaggerated in weight, then the matter here requires that she go through the normal procedures, including obtaining a statement issued for those artifacts.

The process of evaluating artifacts when traveling is subject to the discretion and experience of customs inspectors in Kuwait, who have the skills to enable them to estimate the situation for the traveler, which is something they deal with very high flexibility to ensure the application of the spirit of the law as well as the protection of the capabilities of citizens and residents.

Regarding large quantities of gold taken by travelers, the source indicated that the matter cannot be stopped, as Kuwait is an open market that has no restrictions, and it is part of facilitating the movement of trade and funds as long as it proceeds in the proper legal context and there are no suspicions that the movement of that gold may be linked to any activity other than legal.

Source- Arab Times.

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