‘17,000 undergo biometrics procedure at border’.

Around 17,000 persons had to undergo the biometrics procedure at the border posts in 3 days , says Colonel Yousef Al-Mhaini , manager at the Nuwaiseeb border post , according to the local Arabic daily Al-Seyassah . After the activation of the integrated central system of “biometric” features in March as the first experimental stage, the security services operating in all the country’s air, land and sea ports officially applied the system on all travelers – citizens and residents – from the early hours of Friday morning.

Travelers at the Nuwaiseeb border post

The sources revealed that the biometric project includes hand and palm prints, facial image, iris of the eye, and the electronic signature of all individuals, within the framework of the plan, which includes a comprehensive update of the implementation of entry and exit procedures for travelers and vehicles. With regard to checking vehicles, the sources revealed new security techniques included in this project, whereby every car will be checked at the land ports to verify it is not part of the lists of stolen vehicles that are wanted locally and internationally before documenting the movement of the vehicle.

Source- Arab Times.

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