Minister cites penalties against entities ‘violating hygiene law’.

Last Wednesday, the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs Fahad Al-Shula stressed the importance of approving the new cleanliness related regulations by the Municipal Council to set penalties for those entities that do not comply with the hygiene law, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statement issued on the sidelines of his visit to the members of the Municipal Council in the new building of the council, Minister Al-Shula said the issue of cleanliness is a concern for any minister who takes over the municipal portfolio, especially after many people complained about the low hygiene level. He declared the launch of a comprehensive cleanliness campaign in all the governorates of Kuwait from next week

Fahad Al-Shula

The minister said it will be carried out by the cleaning sector of the Kuwait Municipality. He highlighted the diagnosis of all obstacles facing the council and what was stipulated in article 22 of the municipal law by responding to the questions and inquiries of Municipal Council members within 60 days, in addition to the speed of approval of the structural plan in preparation for submitting it to the Council of Ministers. Al-Shula said, “According to the law, members were asked to make observations on the plan so that those observations would be taken into account by the executive body in preparation for submitting it to the Council of Ministers.”

Regarding the most important recommendations during the meeting, the minister stressed the need to facilitate, automate and digitize transactions through electronic applications to enable citizens and engineering and consulting offices for quickly completing them. He revealed that he had studied the municipality’s organizational chart to raise the efficiency of the executive staff and present amendments to some provisions of the articles of the municipal law No. 33/2016, in addition to amendments to the unified law No. 125/1992 and submitted them to the Council of Ministers after consulting the Fatwa and Legislation Department and the relevant authorities.

Activating In addition, in a similar press statement, Head of the Municipal Council Abdullah Al-Mahri stressed the importance of activating the provisions of the law between the executive body in the municipality and the municipal council, as it is one of the important decisions that the State Minister for Municipal Affairs has given clear attention to. Al-Mahri said, “During the meeting, they discussed the issue of accelerating the response to members’ questions within the time period specified by law.” He highlighted the interest of the council members in the fourth structural plan of the state, as a committee concerned with it was formed and the plan approved, which will be done through cooperation between the municipality and the municipal council as a supporting party by expressing an opinion on any point related to the plan until it is approved by the Council of Ministers.

source- Arab Times.

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