Biometric fingerprinting at border points said witnessed unusual rush.

120 seconds needed to detect frauds

The land, air and sea ports especially at the border points there was unusual rush at the weekend with the application of the new biometric fingerprint for all arriving and departing passengers including citizens, Gulf nationals and expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily. A security source said the so-called sensory fingerprint devices on third day of its application were accurate, efficient, and worked with high capacity and showed results in great speed, in collecting data of all people during the past 48 hours.

The source said the sensory fingerprint device needs only 120 seconds to detect counterfeiters and those wanted by law, and to record the security data of the person subject to the fingerprint. The source confirmed that the work on the new fingerprint system is in full swing so that everyone who resides on the land of Kuwait is subject to that fingerprint, in order to cut seize the wanted persons, counterfeiters and suspicious elements, pointing out that those whose residency expires will not be able to renew it except by submitting to the sensory fingerprint at the criminal evidences department in the six governorates.

The source pointed out that everyone who joins work in one of the ministries will also be subject to the sensory fingerprint, in addition to citizens who renew their passports. The source explained that the “Criminal Evidence Department”, in cooperation and coordination with the General Department of Information Systems, has distributed several devices for sensory fingerprinting to many sectors of the Ministry of Interior, such as criminal investigations, residence investigations, residence affairs and service centers. The source revealed that workers in those agencies have undergone a training course for the project, so that they can work on sensory fingerprint devices with accuracy and craftsmanship.

source- Arab Times.

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