Delay in issuing Civil ID increases expat suffering.

Problems abound in travel; ‘My ID’ to the rescue

The delay caused by the Public Authority for Civil Information in issuing Civil IDs to expatriates has only increased the sufferings of the expatriate community (those who have renewed their residence permits), reports Al- Jarida daily. Each time a resident checks the status of Civil ID on the PACI website the screen fl ashes the familiar message the ‘Civil ID card is still being processed’.

The daily added, PACI continues to delay without any reason to the extent the expatriates face problems everywhere and do not even know when they will get their IDs as if we live in an unseen world, not the world of technological development and digital transformation and artificial intelligence, although neighboring countries complete their identities in a few minutes, without the person visiting the government agencies.

After canceling the “residence” sticker on the passport, non- Kuwaitis are exposed to a long journey in which they suffer from two things and problems inside and outside Kuwait when traveling, and despite the justification of PACI that the delay is due to the Corona pandemic in 2020, after 3 years the situation is still the same and to make matters worse no one knows who can be contacted. This is in spite of the Authority announced on Aug 10, 2020 its apology to citizens and residents for the delay in issuing and distributing cards, due to the Authority’s disruption for 4 months following the impact of the Corona pandemic.

It announced that the delivery rate reached – after resuming work – more than 10 thousand cards per day, which means It receives 1.3 million cards per month, and 15 million annually, which is more than 3 times more than the population of Kuwait, while some visitors wait more than a year and do not receive their cards.

The authority confirmed that it receives 1.3 million cards per month but the reality of the situation is contrary to that. With great dissatisfaction, Al-Jarida opened the file of the delay in issuing the card, as it toured the Public Authority for Civil Information, to find out the reasons for the delay of the cards and asked some of the visitors about the status of their civil cards where they expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the current conditions and poor service at the PACI.

Expatriates pointed out that they rely heavily on the digital card (My ID) in completing personal transactions, but there are parties that require verification through the original card, which put them in the circle of returning some transactions until the new card is issued. They added that in parallel with the presence of 3 million people using my “identity”, there are parties, inside and outside Kuwait, that do not count. One of them indicated that the long wait for the new civil card has entered its tenth month, and the application is still under process stressing that the repeated review is to amend some information.

Source- Arab Times.

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