Ministry lists fees for delivering express mail, parcels to homes.

The Ministry of Communications has launched a new service to deliver express mail and parcels to homes exceptionally to the Al-Masayel Post Center for a nominal fee, reports Al- Qabas daily. Sources told the daily, that despite awarding the tender for customs clearance, transportation, sorting, delivery, distribution and delivery of parcels, express mail and postal packages to a company, the ministry decided to limit the distribution of parcels and express mail to Masayel.

The sources added, “If a person chooses the service of delivering the parcel to his home, he pays fees starting from 500 fils and up to 1.5 dinars for each parcel or postal package, and in the event that there are additional parcels or postal packages, other fees will be applicable. Informed sources told the daily that the mail delivery service to homes is considered good, but the fees need to be studied through legal channels before being approved, as well as the distribution to the rest of the post offices in the regions. The sources stated that the role of post offices is currently ineffective, and therefore everyone is forced to visit the Al-Masayel Post Office to receive mail, stressing that post offices in all regions must be subject to development in order to be utilized optimally.

The sources stated that after awarding mail delivery to one of the companies, the service provided will be optional for the public, so that a text message will be sent to the phone if he wishes to receive the parcel by delivery service, or he prefers to collect it from the Al-Masayel center. Informed sources revealed the value of the fees in the event that they are delivered to homes, to be as follows: Half dinar for postal packages for consignments less than 2 kg, and for each additional package, the delivery charges will be 200 fils, provided that it is of the same addressee, category, and weight of the first package; 1.5 dinars for regular or premium parcels for shipments larger than 15 kg up to 30 kg and 600 fils for each additional parcel provided that it is the same addressee, category and weight as the first parcel.

Source- Arab Times.

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