Al-Soyyan laments shortage of laborers in fishing sector.

The head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Fishermen, Dhaher Al-Soyyan, has called for opening entry visas for fishermen, especially since there is a huge shortage of fishing labor, explaining that failure to bring in labor quickly enough will cost the fishing sector a lot, reports Al-Rai daily. He pointed out that what the federation is calling for are fair demands and contribute to saving the fishing sector from collapse, pointing out that the fishing seasons will start successively, as we are on the verge of the fishing season for mead on the first of July and Zubaidi on July 15, then the shrimp fishing season starts in Kuwait’s territorial waters on the first of August and the regional waters on first September.

He said that the lack of labor will cause a shortage of local marine products, which will consequently cause a rise in fish prices, calling on officials to put an end to the suffering of license holders who have been waiting for a long-awaited solution to the issue of fishing labor. Meanwhile, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) has discovered recently red tide and fish kill cases through its periodic surveys in beaches and Kuwait Bay, reports Annahar daily. The authority said the marine environment is exposed to environmental pressures, including the illegal use of rainwater outlets to drain untreated water and other pollutants that reach the sea.

According to EPA, these physical, biological and chemical changes lead to the blooming of microscopic algae, some of which may cause the death of fish. Also, the rising temperatures could change the physical properties of sea water; thereby, contributing to algal bloom and decrease of dissolved oxygen in the water. The authority will complete the assessment of environmental conditions in the coming days.

Source- Arab Times.

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