2 women among 104 hopefuls; Ex-Speaker denies link with campaign poster.

A total of 18 men and one woman on Monday filed their candidacies for the upcoming National Assembly election as follows:

First Constituency:
1- Khalid Marzouq Al-Omaira
2- Adel Jassem Al-Damkhi
3- Ali Haidar
4- Fadhel Abdulkareem Al-Atram
5- Methley Rashed Al-Azmi,

Second Constituency:
1-Salman Khalid Al-Azmi
2-Abdullatif Adnan Al-Heraiji
3-Abdullah Turky Al-Anbaie
4-Huwaidi Sahn Al-Hajri,

Third Constituency:
1-Jenan Muhsen Bu Shehri
2-Shamlan Essa Al-Herban
3-Abdullah Mustafa Ghadhanfar,

Fourth Constituency:
1-Jamal Saad Al-Anzi
2-Majed Musa Al-Mutairi
3-Muhammad Awad Al-Mutairi
4- Nasser Salama Al-Rashedi,

Fifth Constituency:
1- Khalid Sare’e Al-Hajri
2- Muhammad Nasser Al-Mehjan
3-Meshabeb Hamlan Al-Sahli,

This increases the number of candidates to 104 so far, including two women. The Election Affairs General Department at the Ministry of Interior will continue receiving candidacies until May 14, 2023. Meanwhile, former Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim has vehemently denied having knowledge of his supposed campaign poster which shows him relaxing on an armchair. Some have interpreted this as a sign of his confidence in maintaining his Speaker seat, while others went to the extent of accusing him of narcissism. Al-Ghanim stressed he is not responsible for the circulation of promotions or posters depicting him, except those posted on his official social media accounts.

Source- Arab Times.

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