Canadian envoy hails Kuwait’s ‘worldwide humanitarian role’.

Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait Aliya Mawani extolled on Sunday the humanitarian and relief role of Kuwait in helping disaster affected people around the world. Speaking to KUNA, Mawani said, after her meeting with the KRCS’ Chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, that KRCS contributed to highlighting the civilized aspect of Kuwait, the government and people, and has become known in helping in the humanitarian field, thanking Kuwait’s speed in providing support to those in need.

Canadian Ambassador Aliya Mawani during her meeting with KRCS’ Chairman Dr Al-Sayer

She discussed with Al-Sayer multiple issues in connection to humanitarian and voluntary work and ways to enhance them between both sides, appreciating KRCS’ efforts to help the affl icted countries. During the meeting, Mawani was briefed on the humanitarian programs implemented by KRCS internationally and locally, and its great role in supporting countries, she noted.

In a similar statement to KUNA, Al-Sayer welcomed Mawani’s visit to the KRCS headquarters, stressing KRCS’ keenness to participate in Kuwait’s humanitarian efforts. The meeting mentioned the help provided by KRCS to affected people, as well as its most vital humanitarian actions and movements to provide relief and assistance to the affected areas, Al-Sayer stated.

Source- Arab Times.

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