Other lives – Life after loss.

With time grief can subside and a new life born from rubble of relationships

Whether you are looking for exciting new beginnings or a desire to put your past behind you, Dr Shelley helps you get to where you want to be – process your pain or uncover your spark; and mend your broken heart.

Dr Shelley Whitehead

When speaking of relationships, the main take-away from the heartbreaks is that people can either choose to grow from their experiences or they can delve into the depths of despair and cling tenaciously to the happy relationship that once was; trying to avoid the reality while looking into the eyes of someone they love, while they look away. In most instances it is two words, three vowels, four consonants, seven letters. It can either cut you open to the core or leave you in great pain or it can free your soul and lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders when someone says ‘It’s over’.

Shelley J Whitehead, a relationship specialist helping individuals and couples all over the world, including people in the Arabian Gulf and the entire Middle East, says heartbreak is a form of grief which with time can subside and a new life can be born from the rubble of your relationship as you move through this grieving process. When a person is open and not afraid to step into a future unknown, a transformational energy will give support to create a life that is even more beautiful and even more embodied than before, says Ms Shelley.

Dr Shelley told the Arab Times, that for almost two decades she has been teaching people to learn and strengthen essential relationship skills, develop thriving partnerships and live their lives to full satisfaction. She went on to say, “I work in a coaching capacity (with individuals, groups, and couples) and run online courses and retreats. I am also currently working on two books which are planned for publication later this year.” Whether you are looking for exciting new beginnings or a desire to put your past behind you, Dr Shelley helps you get to where you want to be – process your pain or uncover your spark; and mend your broken heart.

“When we are devastated by overwhelming heartbreak everything in our world can look hopeless. You could be struggling to eat, sleep and start a conversation but in the early days after a breakup, this is ‘normal’ and all a part of a relationship rupture,” says Shelley. With personalized support and her courses, Dr Shelley guides heart-broken people to tap into their inner resources, helping them reconnect to themselves, create a new life and make healthy connections.

She guides them to find a partner who adds that special sparkle again. If this all sounds far too familiar to you, you might want to get in touch with her! With Shelley you can kick-start your healing with some introductory tools, including meditations to calm your mind and soothe your soul, through to a range of powerful courses for moving beyond heartbreak and reconnecting with your desires. With a five-step program she takes you from the depths of grief to relief with her ’Healing Your Heartbreak’ course.

Dr Shelley is an exceptional professional in guiding people and giving them practical tools and support to help them move beyond an ending, to put the past behind and deepen powerful connections to themselves and to others as they step forward with confidence into a life they love again. In a world where social media often disconnects us from ourselves and our important relationships, we need to pay attention to being present and making time for connection with our loved ones. No one wants to be treated with indifference or to feel lonely in a relationship, she says.

“We all want to be heard, seen, feel safe, soothed and to be supported, and we will be challenged in our relationships. Conflict is growth trying to happen. If we are open to doing the ‘work’, if we take responsibility instead of blaming, and support our partners’ highest values, we will have relationship success,” she says. Dr Shelley concluded by saying, “If we neglect our own personal growth and neglect the relationship with our partner, the relationship will not endure.” For a short read on the work Shelley does please find her website (https://shelleyjwhitehead.com). Or get a flavor of her wisdom on her YouTube channel (https:// www.youtube.com/c/ShelleyJWhitehead).

Source- Arab Times.

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