Eid Al Fitr prayer for Indian Community in Kuwait

As always, various Indian community associations will organize Eid Al Fitr prayers in different locations in Kuwait. below are some of the mosque which are arranging Eid Khutba for Indian community. 

EID Al Fitr Prayer  – Khutba in Urdu

Mishrif – Dalal Baqir Abdullah mosque (Time 5:30 am)

Kuwait City – Masjid Sahaba (Time 5:30 am)

Maliya – Yousef Al Adsani (Time 6:30 am)

Sabhan Industrial – Fares Freih Al-Waqayan (Time 5:30 am)

Abbasiya – Masjid Abu Rafe (Time 5:40 am)

EID Al Fitr Prayer  – Khutba in English

Masjid Abdul Aziz Al Othman – Prayer starts at 5:40 am
Qibla, Kuwait City
Location : http://bit.ly/masjidothman
Speaker : Eng. Hussam Al Mutawa

Masjid Yousuf and Moudhi Al Mutawa – Prayer starts at 5:40 am
Block 3, Abu Fatira
Speaker : Sh. Ahmed Al-Rumh


EID Al Fitr Prayer  – Khutba in Tamil

K-Tic Tamil Masjid, – (Masjid Miqdhad Bin Amru),

Google Location: Zaid Al Kail St – Google Maps

EID Al Fitr Prayer  – Khutba in Malayalam

Fahad Salem Masjid – Mangaf
Khateeb – Jb. Niyas Islahi

Sahmi Fahad Hajiri Masjid – Mehboola
Khateeb – Jb. Faisal Manjeri

Shaima Al Jaber Masjid – Ardiya
Khateeb – Jb. Sakeer Hussain Thuvvoor

Sahv Hamdan Al Mutairi Masjid – Rigged
Khateeb – Jb. Anees Farooqui

Ayisha Masjid – Salmiya
Khateeb – Jb. Anwar Saed

Please do not forget to pay Zakat Al Fitr before the Eid prayers
We would like to remind you the Sunnah actions for Eid Al Fitr
1. Perform Ghusl
2. Wear your best clothes
3. Take different route for going and coming to the mosque
4. Recite Takbeer till the Imam starts the prayer
5. Greet people around you
6. It is Sunnah to eat before Eid prayers

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