91,000 pending housing applications as of end March.

Annual expenditure KD 164 million

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) revealed that the total number of pending housing applications is about 91,000 applications as of the end of March. The total amount spent by the state on rent allowance for existing applications is about KD 13.6 million per month. The annual expenditure on this item is KD 164 million, reports Al- Qabas daily. According to informed sources, the rent allowance has witnessed an increase over the past years in the value of the amounts disbursed. Those who are entitled to it must notify the institution of all changes that occur to their social and employment status and real estate ownership or the end of any of the entitlement conditions. PAHW has links with more than 11 competent government agencies to review any developments in real estate ownership and social status.

Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) revealed that the total number of pending housing applications is about 91,000 applications as of the end of March.

In another development, PAHW asked the Kuwait Municipality to supply landscaping (cosmetic) with groundwater in the investment opportunity project (J3) in Jaber Al-Ahmad City. In a letter, PAHW explained that it had signed a commitment document with a company to develop, design, complete and operate the investment opportunity (J3) in Jaber Al-Ahmad City, and authorized it to deal on its behalf. The residential area of the project includes landscaping plants, which requires a permanent irrigation source to maintain the sustainability of these crops.

The existing treated wastewater pipeline network in the project area has not been operated so far due to the lack of a source of this water. PAHW called for providing the project with its groundwater needs as an alternative source of treated water, indicating that well pumps and treatment units will be implemented by the investor. It went on to explain that the general plan of the project indicated the location of the proposed rooms for pumps and wells, and the calculations for the average daily consumption of groundwater. The partnership agreement concluded between PAHW and a company, regarding the j3 investment opportunity, includes the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and transfer of residential units for rent to citizens and residents.

These include units rented for the purpose of retail sale, a public garden in the area described as investment housing, a commercial mall with units rented for the purpose of retail, restaurants, entertainment and social places, and cafes in the area described as the “commercial mall area” within Jaber Al-Ahmad City. PAHW concluded that the authorization granted enables the company to deal on behalf of the authority in front of all ministries, agencies, institutions, and governmental bodies in the country and their affiliated departments. It called for instructing those who are required to study and approve the request.

Source- Arab  Times.

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