Onset of summer season.

The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center said next Friday, April 28, the country will witness the end of what it called the Draa’an season and the beginning of the ‘al-Kannah’ season, which is an indication of the onset of hot weather, reports Al-Qabas daily. The center added, in a press release, that the al-Kannah season is one of the first signs of the end of the moderate spring season in Kuwait, the duration of which is 39 days.

The press release pointed out that with the onset of the rays of the sun last longer which leads to rise in temperatures calling the entry of this season ‘a transitional stage’ from the spring to the beginning of the mild summer, during which the atmosphere becomes stressful due to the increasing heat in addition to the increase in the level of dust and the possibility of precipitation.

The al-Kannah season, the press release said, has three phases and each of them is divided into 13 days equally, as it ends in the middle of the Sarayat period, which may during the last period may bring in sudden rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning, and sometimes cold breeze. Dr. Saleh Al-Ujairi – may God have mercy on him – had pointed out that with the advent of this season, the temperatures gradually rise until they touch 40 degrees Celsius.

Source- Arab Times.

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