Egyptians Copts celebrate Easter Sunday in Kuwait.

St. Mark’s Cathedral receives well-wishers on glorious Day of Resurrection

The Egyptian Coptic Church, St. Mark’s Cathedral of the Coptic Orthodox in the State of Kuwait (the Egyptian Church), received well-wishers on the glorious Day of Resurrection, Sunday, at its headquarters in Hawalli, in the presence of a number of diplomats and dignitaries. The Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait, Osama Shaltout, speaking on the occasion said, “I am honored, as we celebrate the glorious Easter, to convey to you the greetings and congratulations of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.” Shaltout stated, “The coincidence of the glorious Easter with the blessed month of Ramadan on the land of Egypt, the cradle of heavenly messages, is an invitation to adhere to the noble religious values that call to strengthen cohesion and interdependence and to enhance the spirit of solidarity and harmony, which is always manifested in its best forms on the land of our great country throughout history.”

He added: “I take the opportunity of these blessed days in which fasting and prayers of Egyptians (Muslims and Copts) converge, just as their hearts always converge in fraternity and their prayers to God Almighty for the goodness and development of our beloved Egypt, in order to pray to God Almighty to protect Egypt and its people and to bless it with continued elevation, advancement and prosperity. He went on to say, “It is also my pleasure, on this occasion, to express our pride in the Egyptian community on the brotherly land of Kuwait for its role in achieving development in various fields, as well as praising the high national sense that they enjoy and their attachment to the issues and concerns of the homeland.

The Egyptian Church in Kuwait as an essential partner in every effort that is made for the interest of the country and the elevation of its status, he said. For his part, the Coptic Orthodox Patron of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Bishop Bishoy, expressed his wishes for prosperity and prosperity for Kuwait and for its leaders, government and kind people for goodness and peace, offering congratulations on the occasion of the approaching Eid Al-Fitr.

He said, “The Christian fast coincided with the fasting of our Muslim brothers. It was an occasion for all hearts to rise so that God would bless humanity with love and peace. This also led to the meeting of holidays in the month of April, when the celebration of the glorious Resurrection Day and the blessed Ramadan feast takes place, and between them comes the Spring Festival.”

Source- Arab Times.

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