Durra Company Expands Domestic Labor Recruitment to Four Countries.

The Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Acting General Manager at Al-Durra Company for Domestic Labor Recruitment Mohammad Fahad Al-Zuabi revealed that four countries will represent the sources for the company to recruit domestic workers, namely Nepal, India, Vietnam and Myanmar, in addition to countries from the African continent, which will be announced later, reports Al-Anba daily.

Mohammad Fahad Al-Zuabi.

In his first press interview, Al-Zuabi said coordination is underway with the governments of those countries in order to fill any deficit or shortage of domestic labor in the country and to bring about price stability.

He stressed that the company does not seek to make profits or compete with labor offices, but it will focus on providing distinguished service to citizens and residents at the best prices.

Al-Zuabi highlighted what the company recently did in terms of opening the door for the recruitment of domestic workers from Sri Lanka by submitting online applications and preventing cash, affirming that this represents a good start.

He said the company also includes within its agenda the recruitment of professional workers, adding that it will work resolutely and seriously to break monopoly and reduce prices, as well as to show a civilized image of Kuwait with regard to human rights.

Source- Arab Times.

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