‘Kuwait will be hit by rain this week, heavy in certain areas’.

‘Sporadic rains made Kuwait weather pleasant this year’

The meteorologists say Kuwait will be hit by rains this week, which will be heavy at times due to thunderstorms, reports Al-Rai daily. Meteorologist Issa Ramadan said “this year’s weather is characterized by rain that exceed the usual annual rates in terms of frequency, continuity and abundance, which made the spring of this year one of the most beautiful, wonderful and splendid for many years.” Ramadan stated, “We are currently in the Sabq Al-Sarayat season, which is characterized by the continuous formation of clouds and rain, followed by a relatively cold wave that made the past days one of the distinctive and comfortable periods in terms of low temperatures until the beginning of April, when temperatures rise during the day.”

He added, “The temperatures will begin to gradually rise during the day, starting today, so that the Sarayat season will begin in the middle of this month, and will continue until the end of May. He pointed out that “the depressions and chances of rain will continue, God willing this month, as it is expected that the Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and southern Iraq and the Gulf regions will be affected rain that start at the end of this week and in Kuwait it will be from next Wednesday, and the opportunity for sporadic rain, which is sometimes thundery, will continue until next Saturday.”

Regarding the amount of that rain, Ramadan said, “It will be light, medium, and sometimes heavy in some areas due to thunderstorm clouds, but weather changes must be followed until that time to find out the reasons for the rapid change in the upper layers of the atmosphere, air masses, and the temperature difference in recent times, which makes it difficult to predict accurately for such weather conditions for specialists in the science of meteorology, and this is what makes some amateurs and fans of meteorology get confused and rush to publish inaccurate weather bulletins, sometimes they are accurate and sometimes they disappoint.”

Source- Arab Times.

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