200 Pakistani doctors, nurses in Kuwait; Hope govt allows family visits.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Malik Mohammad Farooq, said that the medical staff that arrived in the country includes more than 200 doctors, nurses and technicians, to work in the government sector in accordance with the agreement concluded between the two countries, hoping that this cooperation between the two sides will continue.

A group of Pakistani doctors, nurses at the Kuwait airport. Inset: Pakistani Ambassador Malik Mohammad Farooq.

Farouk, in a statement to Al-Qabas, added that the work is currently progressing well to recruit medical and nursing staff to work in the private sector soon, praising the efforts of the Pakistani medical and nursing staff, their professionalism, and their dedication to work with sincerity. When asked if there are any discussions regarding family visits to the families of the medical and nursing cadres, Farouk indicated that the families of the medical and nursing cadres working in Kuwait are going through difficult circumstances because their families and children are not with them, hoping that the Kuwaiti government, represented by the Ministry of Interior, consider this issue and allow the families of doctors and nurses to enter the country so that they can reunite, especially the nurses. He concluded by saying, “We have confidence in the Kuwaiti government, and we look forward to finding a solution to this matter, taking it into account, and strengthening cooperation.”

The Pakistani Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistani Affairs and Human Resources Development, Sajid Hussain Torey, confirmed “As per the directives of Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistani Affairs and Human Resource Development is committed to exploring more job opportunities for the Pakistani workforce abroad.

Source- Arab Times.

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