Education Ministry studies measures to prevent cheating in exam.

While the competent authorities in the ministries of Interior and Justice are still dealing with the high school exams leakage and cheating cases, the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Education are coordinating with the Supreme Committee for Examinations, which was formed by Minister of Education Dr Hamad Al-Adwani to lay down a vision to stop cheating in exams, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources. Sources confirmed that the Education Ministry Is studying several proposals to stop cheating through controls that categorically prevent leakage of exam questions. Sources told the daily that the Supreme Committee for Examinations will hold a meeting after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday to discuss the responses of the relevant government agencies; such as the ministries of Health, Interior and Communications. Sources said the Ministry of Education is still waiting for the responses of some of these authorities, in order to remedy the cheating phenomenon through jamming devices and the possibility of cutting off Internet services from the vicinity of schools.

Students in examination hall.

Sources pointed out that the committee will discuss all proposals related to the subject and it is expected to adopt the new mechanism upon the agreement of its members. Sources added that the members of the committee unanimously agreed on the importance of introducing radical amendments to the mechanism for drafting, printing and distributing secondary school exams. They said the gaps in the current printing, photocopying, transportation and distribution processes will be examined and will be addressed through stricter and more accurate controls to prevent papers from being circulated and published electronically.

Sources also revealed that several ideas regarding the test were presented: setting a barcode for the test paper of each student: such that the leaked paper is identified through the barcode, but this is difficult to implement due to the large number of students. Another idea is to put light watermarks on the test papers, which can be printed in each school, as the exams of each school are distinguished from the other and the place of leakage is known when it occurs. Sources stressed the importance of resolving the issue in the committee meeting after Eid al- Fitr, which is expected to be chaired by Al-Adwani. They pointed out that some members have their own ideas and they will be discussed during the meeting. In addition, sources said the Confidential Printing Press in the Public Education Sector has started receiving exam materials, as the end-of-year exams will start at the end of May. They emphasized the importance of making decisions about the examination mechanism before the test forms are printed to avoid wastage of public money.

Source- Arab Times.

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