154 Million Dinars revenue generated from renewal of expat visas in Kuwait.

Expats on family visas (dependent) paid 28.6 million dinars fees

A total of 154 million dinars was collected by the state budget in 2022 from expatriates renewing their annual residency or obtaining residency for the first time, according to a government report jointly issued by the Ministry of Interior, Manpower, Civil Information and Insurance, and the Central Administration for Statistics.

The report revealed that 1.4 million expatriates working in the private sector renewed their residency during the year, contributing approximately 109 million dinars, while 22.2 thousand expatriates who joined the workforce paid 2.7 million dinars for their residency.

Domestic workers in the family sector paid 15 million dinars for the renewal of their annual residency and health insurance, while 520,000 expats who came on family visa paid an additional 28.6 million dinars, according to the government report, reports Al Qabas. According to a government report, the financial payments for residency renewal from expats have decreased who obtained residency under Article 24, “self sponsorship,” and Article 19, “Company Partners.” The number of expats under Article 24 was 2352, and under Article 19, it was 773. The state paid 6.3 million dinars for the 97,880,000 expats working in the government sector, with the majority working in medical services, human health, and education, at a rate of 76.5%. The presence of residency law violators, totaling more than 133,000 residents, caused an annual decline of 3.5 million dinars in residency revenues.

Renewing work permits, health insurance, residency, and civil cards for a registered worker in Kuwait costs around 70 dinars per year, while domestic workers pay a reduced annual fee of 20 dinars. The cost for family residence permit, self sponsorship, company partners is between 55 and 65 dinars per year.

Source- Arab Times.

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