PAM IDs factors tied to halting of labor subsidy disbursement.

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has identified the factors that led to the suspension of the disbursement of national labor subsidy for those registered under Chapter Five, reports Al- Anba daily. In a recent press statement, PAM revealed that the reasons for stopping the payment of labor subsidy as follows:

■ The company is under the ‘stop code’ due to change in its address or it has an ‘inactive address.’
■ Non-renewal of the permit to practice the profession or expiration of the commercial license.
■ The social security statement does not appear through the automated link between the authority and the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) due to non-payment of monthly dues, loans and other reasons.
■ The company’s civil entity number does not match the number registered in PIFSS. The authority also confirmed that the work permit for nationals is automatically renewed, without the need to visit the authority.

Source- Arab Times.

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