Around 100 US soldiers, senior officials in Camp Arifjan are Muslims.

A new mosque was inaugurated in Camp Arifjan PX with a number of religious figures in attendance. The mosque is a large tent equipped with a podium and speakers. It consists of a room where long and baggy robes (‘Esdals’) are distributed to women, in addition to copies of the Holy Quran and religious reference books. The call for prayer is announced five times a day, while lectures are held for American Muslim soldiers and civilians. The inauguration ceremony started 30 minutes before Maghrib prayer.

Religious scholar Muhammad Al-Naqwi with the US soldiers.

Religious scholar Muhammad Al-Naqwi delivered a lecture on the value of Ramadan and the special reward that Allah Almighty prepared for those who fast during Ramadan. Upon the call for Maghrib prayer, the worshippers and guests from other divine religions started breaking their fast by having a few dates. Then, Maghrib prayer was performed and the worshippers completed the breaking of fast. During the event, Support and Head Supervisor at Camp Arifjan PX Colonel Martin Wolgamot responded to the queries of journalists. He affirmed that 100 American soldiers and several civilian personnel assigned in the camp are Muslims; indicating the camp coordinates with the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in sending scholars and preachers to give lectures during Ramadan. He said the mosque is for all Muslims serving at the camp to practice their religion.

Saying the Azan (call for prayer).

Wolgamot also pointed out that efforts to eliminate Islamophopia in the US Army intensified, owing to programs aimed at raising awareness about Islam after years of war. He highlighted the unwavering support of those who greatly contributed to increasing the number of American soldiers who converted to Islam during their service in Kuwait. He said the camp consists of believers of different divine religions, living in full harmony while exchanging information about their cultures. Meanwhile, Rabbi at the US Army, Saul Daniel, disclosed that he gives advice and delivers sermons for Jewish soldiers assigned at Camp Arifjan PX.

He affirmed the peaceful coexistence among believers of various divine religions at the camp, stressing this encouraged him to be at the camp and join his Muslim brothers in breaking their fast. He said he carried out a comparative study to determine the similarities between Jews and Muslims like their commitment to eat Halal food, marriage practices and washing of the corpse before burial. He clarified: “We have one father – Prophet Abraham. Everyone must love each other. Kuwait is a country of tolerance and it welcomes all divine religions.”

Source- Arab Times.

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