Kuwaiti Charities Extend Aid and Iftar Meals to Jordanian Communities.

Jordan since onset of the fasting month of Ramadan has witnessed noticeable activities by Kuwaiti charities providing aid and food to thousands of Palestinians and Syrian refugees in particular. The Kuwaiti embassy has sponsored the charitable programs, organized by Kuwaiti societies in various parts of the Kingdom of Jordan. Dr. Mubarak Al-Hajri, the Kuwaiti charge d’affaires, said in an interview with KUNA after participating in a program by “the tarahom voluntary team” of the International Islamic Charity Organization that philanthropic work has become synonyms of the Kuwaitis’ history.

The Kuwaiti embassy spares no efforts for supporting the Kuwaiti charitable societies as part of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry’s campaign, “Kuwait on your side,” and in implementation of guidelines by the political leadership. Al-Hajri lauded efforts of the Kuwaiti charities and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, noting that the volunteers “have been pursuing the march of designating Kuwait as center for humanitarian action.” “The tarahom voluntary team” has given aid worth USD 65,000 for Syrian refugees, Palestinians and low-income Jordanian families. The team has also distributed 1,000 food parcels to some 5,000 individuals, funded four surgeries, treated 240 patients and provided iftar meals to 1,500 persons.

Meanwhile, Al-Rahma International Society distributed food worth USD 5,000 to the Palestinian refugees. Up to 630 food baskets were handed over to some 3,000 Palestinians at the refugee camps. For its part, Kuwait Red Crescent Society, in coordination with the Jordanian Red Crescent, carried out a campaign to distribute eid Al-Fitr clothes, iftar meals to the Syrian refugees living in shanty towns. Up to 25,000 iftar meals were distributed and 1,000 coupons to buy eid clothes were given to 20,000 persons. Al-Najat Charity’s team, as part of “the one million iftar initiative,” carried out in 25 countries, distributed 1,600 food parcels to Syrian refugees, orphans and the poor in the Jordan valley camps. Number of beneficiaries from the assistance reached 1,600 families that had received food parcels — some 8,000 individuals in need.

Source- Arab Times.

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