Al-Durra to hire domestic ‘workers’ from Sri Lanka.

Bid to overcome labor crisis

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Durra Manpower Company, Muhammad Al-Olayan, announced, the launch of a campaign to recruit domestic workers from the Republic of Sri Lanka, in a serious step to make a breakthrough in the country’s labor market, reports Al-Anba daily. He went on to say the company began receiving applications as of Saturday, through the company’s website. The cost is only 650 dinars, including 42 dinars insurance, which was approved by the Republic of Sri Lanka recently, indicating that the price is lower than the price of the Ministry of Commerce.

He pointed out that this step would put an end to human trafficking and restores confidence in Kuwait’s bright image with regard to human rights. He indicated the company is continuing to open new countries and bring stability to the local market, and play a prominent role in providing employment and eliminating the black market. He indicated the company has contracted with the most prominent specialized agency in Sri Lanka to supply workers that are consistent and compatible with the nature and privacy of the Kuwaiti society.

In turn, the Vice-Chairman and General Manager of the company, Muhammad Al-Zoubi, said in a statement to Al-Anba spoke of opening of the door to receive applications from Saturday midnight taking into account all technical means that facilitate the contracting procedures. It makes it very smooth and easy, after the company’s employees have been trained to deal with these contractual and technical procedures.

He explained that the period of recruiting the male or female worker will be within a month, and will be gradually reduced in the coming period, stressing that the company is ready to offer special offers at reduced prices on travel tickets in cooperation and coordination with approved airlines and travel agencies, pointing out that the cost of travel is not included in the recruitment of workers. He stressed that the labor recruitment campaign is carried out under the auspices and coordination of Al-Durra Company, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kuwait Embassy in Colombo, thanking those in charge of the Ministry and the embassy and all government agencies and Kuwait Airways for facilitating and making this campaign a success.

Source- Arab Times.

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