Air India introduces new inflight menu for international flights.

Air India has now introduced a new inflight food and beverages menu for passengers travelling on international routes (ex-India).

Sandeep Verma, head of inflight services, Air India said, “As part of our ongoing effort of transforming the Air India experience for guests, we have brought great thought and energy into our new menus. We want our guests to enjoy their food and beverage on board Air India flights much like they would at their favourite restaurants.”

“The refresh of the menus is based on guest feedback and is designed to offer travellers an assortment of gourmet meals, trendy appetizers, decadent desserts and showcase India’s locally sourced culinary influence while keeping in line with the healthy eating trend,” an airline spokesperson said.

Air India said that a team of in-house experts, catering partners, and suppliers were assembled to design an elevated dining experience.

“Our underlying focus while designing the new menus has been on ensuring that they include nutritious options that are delicious, and on incorporating contemporary, sustainable practices”, Verma added.

The airline also introduced plant-based meal options for its first and business class vegan customers.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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