Kindergarten students at ISEK graduate.

“Motivated – Educated – Graduated”

The very first physical Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony was conducted on 15th March 2023at ISEK Auditorium with Dr. Sreekrishnan Nair, Orthodontist, Maidan Clinic as the Chief Guest.

Dr. Sreekrishnan Nair, complimented the graduates on their achievements. As a passionate teacher himself he appreciated the various club activities conducted for the students during school hours are helping them grow academically, emotionally as well as socially. He advised the parents to take every opportunity to teach their children to be thankful for the amazing life they have. He also mentioned taking the children to special needs schools to see how differently abled and dependant are helped. This  will help our children understand and appreciate our lives. He applauded Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director – ISEK for all her efforts in making a huge difference in life of each student at ISEK.

Mrs. Sherly Dennis expressed her delight on 100% participationof the kindergartenparents thanking them for their enthusiasm. She requested the parents to spendmore time with the children for a bright future. The Chief Guest, Director and Vice Principal presented the students with their Graduation Certificates.

Foot tapping dances and special choir performances by the students of LKG, Grade 1 and 2,left all the parents with smiles on their faces and beats in their hearts.The Chief Guest was presented with a special memento in form of a lovely plant to encourage the parents and students to save the environment and promote good health.

It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the KGGraduates as well as a proud day for the parents and the teachers.


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