IMA Weekend Islamic School (IMAWIS) Completes Its Second Year Successfully and announces new academic from April 2023.

Indian Muslim Association Weekend Islamic School (IMAWIS) has successfully completed the second academic year. IMA started IMAWIS in 2021 to impart Islamic education to children and train them in Islamic morals and manners. The school has greatly been successful in achieving the objective.
Imaniyat, Seerah, Hifdh, Tafseer, Duas, Stories of Sahabah and the Urdu Language are taught at IMAWIS. Learning these subjects with teachers who have in-depth knowledge and profound insights in Islamic theology was a quite inspiring experience for the students. They were also offered opportunities to learn and master soft skills.
IMAWIS employed Parent-Teacher relationship method to ensure proper learning of the children in the online environment which resulted in positive outcome. The Islamic knowledge, dedication and expertise of the pious and professional teachers plays an important role in shaping the students to be the torch bearers for future generations.
The new academic year (2023-2024) starts from April 2023. Admissions are open for those who are interested. IMAWIS offers brilliant online platform for Islamic studies for boys and girls of 5-14 years age group. Interested parents are requested to enroll their children by registering at , Queries may be directed to Mr. Mohammed Yunus at 66771517 or Mr. Rizwan Danish at 9963 2314 or through email at
Indian Muslim Association (IMA Kuwait) is an Indian socio-religious organization in Kuwait which carries out its various activities under the patronage of “Ministry of Awqaaf” & “Islamic Affairs”, Kuwait and Indian Embassy. IMA Kuwait always focusses to provide platform for enhancement of expatriates living in Kuwait for their spiritual & social aspect through various programs & webinars. It looks forward for organizing various beneficial programs in future, considering the occasions and requirements of expatriates in general and specifically Indian community.

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