Municipality Takes Action Against Contractor of Soil slide in Ardiya.

The Safety Department of Farwaniya Governorate in Kuwait has issued a violation report against the contractor responsible for a soil slide in the Ardiya Industrial Area. This was announced by the Kuwait Municipality on Tuesday. According to the municipality’s press statement, the supervisory team inspected the site and found that the building under construction was in the basement excavation stage and that the contractor had a valid safety and demolition license.

Pictures taken before the collapse showed support from the street side where the collapse occurred, and work had been stopped to ensure the safety of passers-by and services.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy reported that the soil collapse caused a collapse in the services area of an industrial plot under construction, leading to the interruption of all services adjacent to the plot. The ministry has taken necessary measures, and the water line has been isolated, resulting in water interruption in the Ardiya industrial area until the line is repaired, reports Al Rai. The municipality has also coordinated with the judicial police team to take legal action against the contractor responsible for the collapse of the service area.

Source- Arab Times.

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