‘End media hate campaigns for global peace & stability’ – Protect dignity of mankind.

“Islam emphasizes the need to protect the dignity of mankind, which distinguishes them from other creatures,” says Undersecretary of Kuwait Parliamentary Group MP Thamer Al-Suwait. Al-Suwait delivered a speech at the 146th Assembly of the International Parliament Union (IPU) in Manama, Bahrain with the theme, ‘Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Inclusive Societies: Fighting Intolerance.’

He asked: “What kind of coexistence and inclusive societies are we talking about under the shade of growing hatred speech, hostility and intolerance? What kind of coexistence are we talking about at atime Muslims are classified as terrorists although Islam teaches respect for other religions, sanctification of human rights, protecting personal freedom and promoting moral values? What kind of promoting coexistence and inclusive societies are we talking about if our beloved Palestine and its people are still victimized by the worst forms of abuse, violence and marginalization of the colonizer entity, while the world remains silent and the international laws do not deter such entity?”

He pointed out that the world will never enjoy peace and stability unless serious steps are taken to end the systematic media hate campaigns, which adopt discriminatory and racist attitudes and unless “we realize that human rights are not exclusive to certain groups. Many international declarations claim that all mankind are equal before the law.

However, something is missing in terms of coexistence, which entails protection of the dignity of humans and nations. A legislature has no value if it does not prioritize human dignity, the homeland, sovereignty, religious freedom and self-determination. These flaws are visible in Palestine and other places around the world where peoples are deprived of self- determination.”

He went on to inquire: “What kind of peace are we talking about if Islam is the subject of unfair media campaigns, associating it with evil deeds like bloodshed and terrorism? What kind of coexistence are we talking about if many Muslims are subjected to apartheid, abuse and ethnic cleansing in many parts of the planet? We cannot talk about peace and stability unless we extinguish the fire of hostility and intolerance which engulfed human rights. No peace and stability could be achieved without the ratification of stringent laws and issuance of firm decisions to address the financial and social imbalance.”

In a relevant development, Secretary of the group MP Muhammad Al-Mahan attended the meetings of the permanent Committee for United Nations Affairs on the sidelines of the 146th Assembly of IPU. He praised the contributions of the United Nations (UN) in the development of international parliamentarian work. The committee discussed ways to ensure equal opportunities for men and women in diplomatic missions at the UN General Assembly. MP Jenan Bu Shehri attended the meetings of Women Parliamentarians Office on the sidelines of the IPU Assembly. She revealed that the chairperson, first deputy chairperson and second deputy chairperson of the office were appointed during the meeting. She also delivered a speech at the meeting; in which she underscored the importance of development women’s parliamentary participation and support women’s issues in the social, political and economic fields.

Meanwhile, MP Muhammad Al-Huwaila forwarded queries to Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development and Minister of State for Women and Children Affairs Mai Al-Baghli about Sabah Al-Ahmad Park for the elderly. He pointed out the plot allocated for the park was handed over to the ministry in November 2018, so he wants to know the obstacles to the implementation of the project, if any. He demanded for copies of all correspondences between the ministry and other concerned institutions regarding the project and if the ministry floated a tender for the project. He also asked about the steps taken by the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA) to enforce Article 12 of law number 8/2010 mandating the authority to provide centers for the rehabilitation and training of the disabled in every governorate, reasons behind the delayed provision of wheelchairs to the disabled, number of purchase orders issued since 2018 till date, technical specifications of the purchased wheelchairs, number of wheelchair requests submitted to the authority since 2018 till date, number of beneficiaries who received and did not receive wheelchairs, measures taken regarding the nationalization of jobs in cooperative societies, and percentage of jobs occupied by expatriates compared to nationals.

He asked Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Abdulaziz Al-Majed about the number of farms found to be unproductive, number of such farms withdrawn in the last five years, quantity of food products supplied by the farms compared to the exported products, if the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) intends to increase local production, amount of subsidy granted to Kuwaiti farmers in the last five years, size of farms allocated for food production, strategy of PAAAFR to achieve food self-sufficiency and projects currently subsidized by PAAAFR to achieve food self-sufficiency. He asked Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research Ahmad Abdulwahab Al-Adwani about the reason for not establishing an educational district in Sabah Al-Ahmad City; considering it is surrounded by a number of big housing projects including Wafra, Khairan, Sabah Al-Ahmad Coastal Residential Area and South Sabah Al-Ahmad City.

Source- Arab Times.

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