Foggy conditions with low visibility expected.

Rain probability is expected to decrease by Monday afternoon with a chance of fog formation later in the evening, according to a meteorologist. While the chances of rain will decrease, foggy conditions are expected to start in the evening through Tuesday morning which will lead to low or no visibility in some areas, said Abdulaziz Al- Qarawi to KUNA.

Low pressure accompanied by warm moist air brought 20.47 mm of rain in Jal Al Liya, 15.27 mm in Al-Sabriyah, 11.9 mm in Ahmadi Port and 9.67 mm in Abdaly, the Kuwaiti meteorologist said. Unstable weather is expected to return on Wednesday afternoon which could bring light to moderate rain while some areas may experience heavy downpours until midnight, concluded Al-Qarawi.

Source- Arab Times.

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