‘China supports stability, peace’.

‘World in awe over rapprochement’

Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Zhang Jianwei has affirmed that the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic relations under the auspices of Beijing caught the attention of the international community, especially the Gulf countries, reports Al- Qabas daily. In a statement to the daily, Jianwei pointed out this agreement will help perpetuate the policy of good neighborliness; and ensure security, stability and peace throughout the world, not just the Arab region.

Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Zhang Jianwei.

He said China played a positive role in reaching this agreement, especially since the two parties — Saudi Arabia and Iran — agreed to resume diplomatic relations and open embassies in the two countries. He confirmed that Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two important and influential countries in the region. He added: “China continues to exert efforts to support stability and peace in the region and to push toward a policy of good neighborliness, especially since the Chinese president put forward the Global Security Initiative last year. We will intensify efforts to realize this initiative in the interest of the region in general, and the Gulf countries in particular.

The world is now living under complex and turbulent circumstances, so the international community must face these challenges, since the world has become one village.” On China taking the role of the United States in the region, he reaffirmed that the Chinese role will serve the parties in the region; and work toward regional stability and development. He said his country pursues peaceful and independent policies; while calling for cooperation, peace, solidarity and mutual benefit in the region. He added that the fate of the region belongs to its people, as they are the decision-makers.

Asked if there is a plan to send Chinese armed forces to the region, he disclosed that China’s national military defense policy is different from that of other countries. He pointed out there are no Chinese military bases in the Gulf countries at present. He also confirmed China’s commitment to strengthen cooperation with Gulf states in all fields, including combating terrorism and security cooperation based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of others.

He said this is one of the most important features of China’s foreign policy. He then unveiled his country’s plan to enhance mutual visits between the officials of China and the Gulf countries to serve the common interests of the two parties. “We are also interested in strengthening Chinese- Kuwaiti relations and fruitful cooperation in various fields,” he asserted. He praised Kuwait for welcoming the joint statement on the resumption of Saudi- Iranian relations, mediated by China; indicating that this is an evidence of Kuwait’s interest in regional issues. “We will work with the Kuwaiti side to strengthen relations and achieve stability in the region,” he concluded.

Source- Arab Times.

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