Worker entry and exit ‘inaccurate’ recording.

The administrative sectors in the ministries and government agencies are facing a dilemma with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in terms of not recording accurate attendance and departure for all employees, as per the circulars that each authority specified for its employees regarding the dates and number of working hours, reports Al-Rai daily.

Government sources affirmed the existence of the problem in many ministries and agencies. In this regard, informed sources in the Ministry of Electricity and Water said, “This dilemma, which has not yet been resolved with CSC, has created a huge discrepancy in working hours among many employees of the government agencies. This will delay the annual evaluation processes for excellent performance bonuses from their disbursement dates. These bonuses were supposed to be in the accounts of its beneficiaries at the end of the month of Ramadan.

The application of evaluation according to the time stamp is currently facing a problem, especially with regard to the special period for working hours of the last Ramadan, as CSC’s decisions stipulate that working hours start from 10:00am instead of the usual 7:00am. However, when evaluating, CSC records a three-hour lateness for all the employees. Ministry officials discussed these problems with the CSC officials three months ago to remedy the matter, but the situation is still the same.”

Source- Arab Times.

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