Hajj platform cuts prices of Makkah visit.

After the launch of a central registration platform for pilgrims for the first time this year, it has resulted in reducing the prices of performing the Hajj ritual on the one hand and helped provide distinguished services to the pilgrims on the other, reports Al-Qabas daily. The Hajj season this year is expected to see a big competition between the caravans in terms of prices and services as each caravan will try to woo those wishing to perform Hajj, since the prices have now been reduced to more than 40 percent, thanks to the central registration platform.

The Al-Qabas daily monitored the most prominent changes and advantages expected in the upcoming Hajj season, the most important of which is the drop in prices by some caravans to more than 1,200 dinars, since they reduced their price from 3,400 dinars in previous seasons to 2,400 dinars, in addition to the prices of some caravans reaching 1,580 dinars, which is the lowest price in years.

It was also remarkable that some caravans will divide the prices for pilgrims over 3 or 4 months to help enable them to perform the hajj pilgrimage. According to Al-Qabas sources, the Ministry of Endowments has formed a committee to audit and supervise prices and run a check of the services provided to the pilgrims, as a violation will be recorded against any caravan that does not adhere to what they have announced in terms of services. The sources stated about 40 percent have completed their registration with the caravans from the first batch after the approval of the ‘3000 pilgrims’ who have been screened.

The sources indicated if the elderly people are not registered but they companions are, in this case the registration of the companions will be cancelled and others will be registered in the event the elderly person apologizes and opts not to travel to perform the hajj. The sources demanded that those who did not receive short messages must check for their names on the ministry’s website, as some of them may have not activated the text message delivery service. The sources indicated that the number of approved caravans has reached 56, and indicated that the registration of pilgrims through the central registration platform contributed to the elimination of ‘unregistered’ caravans completely and helped control the cost of pilgrimage.

Source- Arab Times.

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