Stipends eyed for housewives; MP queries detention of Kuwaitis.

MP Majed Al- Mutairi has submitted a proposal to grant KD700 monthly allowance to Kuwaiti housewives who hold a master’s degree, KD650 for bachelor’s degree holders, KD 600 for diploma holders, KD550 for those with secondary school certificate and KD500 for those holding preparatory school certificate or lower.

In his proposal, Al-Mutairi said the beneficiaries will receive the allowance as long as they are married. Meanwhile, MP Osama Al-Shaheen asked Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah if the ministry has contacted the two Kuwaitis, who appeared in a video clip stating that they were prevented from entering Cape Verde and detained for one hour at the airport just because Kuwait poses a danger to the country.

He wants to know the steps taken to address the issue through diplomat channels, if it is true that Cape Verde classified Kuwait as a dangerous country, if any other countries have the same opinion about Kuwait, amount of aid and loans that Kuwait granted to Cape Verde, criteria for granting aid to other countries and if Kuwait prevented the entry of the citizens of Cape Verde as per the reciprocity policy.

MP Hassan Jawhar forwarded queries to Minister of Public Works, Renewable Energy, Electricity and Water Amani Bugamaz about the materials used for paving roads, technical specifications of the asphalt used and if they are in line with the international standards, and details of contracts for paving and maintaining roads signed by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) since 2018 till date including the companies, term and value of each contract. He requested for a list of contractors banned from participating in the biddings of the ministry and PART since 2018 till date, reasons for banning these contractors, laboratory tasked to inspect the asphalt, and if the laboratory is a subsidiary of the Public Works Ministry. If yes, he inquired about the number, names, qualifications and experience of the laboratory officials and if the contracting companies have laboratories for checking the asphalt mix.

MP Obaid Al-Wasmi asked Minister of Justice, Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Minister of State for Integrity Promotion Abdulaziz Majed Al-Majed about the percentage of voters’ participation in the election held on Sept 29, 2022. He wants to know the number of voters, circulars and directives regarding the election, if there are vote counting minutes not signed by the concerned officials, if votes were counted without the representatives of any of the candidates, constituencies with 90 to 100 percent voters’ turnout, and if it is true that the election results in the Third Constituency were announced before the counting of votes ended.

Source- Arab Times.

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