India’s abstention ‘sensitive issue’ for us: Ukraine envoy on UNGA vote.

Ukrainian chargéd affaires Ivan Konovalov on Friday said that India’s abstention from voting at the UN General Assembly on a resolution calling for an end to the war in Ukraine was a “sensitive issue” for them as Kyiv counts on New Delhi’s support. Speaking to news agency ANI, Konovalov said the two countries have a trustable relations, hoping that India will “help us in the future.”

“The resolution was adopted and the position of India of abstention is definitely for us a sensitive issue. We hope and count on India’s support and we definitely have a trustable relationship and hope that it will help us in the future,” the Ukrainian Charged Affaires told ANI.

India was among 32 countries that abstained on the vote to adopt the resolution at the UN General Assembly, with India’s permanent representative to the world body saying the move wasn’t enough to achieve the goal of a lasting peace.

Explaining India’s vote, Ruchira Kamboj, the country’s permanent representative to the UN, said, “While we take note of the stated objective of today’s resolution, given its inherent limitations in reaching our desired goal of securing lasting peace, we are constrained to abstain.”

India has abstained from all three votes so far on the Ukraine crisis at the UN General Assembly since Russia launched the invasion on February 24, 2022.

Calling India’s G20 Presidency as a window of opportunity to end the war, Konovalov said he hoped Ukraine will be on the talks table at the meeting of the grouping later this year.

“During the G20 Presidency of India, it is very much important to have India’s support for Ukraine. We hope that in the framework of G20, Ukraine will be participating and the topic of Ukraine will be definitely on the table. We see the G20 presidency of India a window of opportunity to stop this war, to end this war and to win this war,” the Ukrainian envoy added.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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