PACI to ‘restart’ home delivery service of Civil IDs.

The Public Authority for Civil Information has floated a new tender to provide the civil card home delivery service, saying the last date for submitting bids is on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023, reports Al-Rai daily. This comes after the increasing demand by the civil card holders for the speedy issuance compounded by the slowdown at PACI despite the completion of all procedures and the payment of fees to issue a new ID in the face of lack of justification from the authority for the reasons for the delay.

Meanwhile , an official source in the Ministry of Awqaf revealed a second electronic platform for Hajj, will be launched soon for the benefit of those who want to perform the pilgrimage, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The source explained the platform will display the names of caravans and services and their prices to the public to make it easier for those accepted to perform the Hajj to choose what suits them. The source indicated that the Ministry of Awqaf will receive the price list from the caravans within a week, and the process of sorting the names of those who are accepted to perform Hajj will take place at the beginning of next March.

Source- Arab Times.

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