Weather to improve; temp to fall.

The Kuwait Meteorological Department expected the weather to improve gradually from Tuesday afternoon as clouds decrease and chances of rain recede. The weather forecast observer Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the country will be affected by an air elevation accompanied by a cold air mass.

Pictures taken during the rain on Tuesday morning.

Al-Qarawi stated that the country was affected since Monday afternoon, by a rainy condition that started light gradually as a result of the extension of a surface depression accompanied by a moist air mass that coincided with the presence of a deep depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere. He added that this led to the proliferation of low and medium cloud interspersed with some cumulus clouds, accompanied by moderate to heavy thunderstorms in some areas especially the southern ones during the night and dawn of the day, and wind activity with a decrease in horizontal visibility in some areas and sea waves rising to more than 7 feet. He also pointed out that the amounts of rain recorded varied in most of the country’s stations.

In Kuwait Airport, it recorded 29 millimeters, while it recorded 44 millimeters in Wafra, 27 millimeters in Al-Ahmadi, 21 millimeters in Al- Abraq, and 29 millimeters in Kuwait City. These quantities are expected to increase during the coming hours.

Source- Arab Times.


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