Canada to maintain only logistics presence in Middle East – Military personnel to reduce.

Canada has decided to maintain its logistical presence in Kuwait although it has decided to reduce its military presence in the Middle East and redeploy its personnel in other military missions in Europe and the world, reports Al-Qabas daily. Vice Admiral Bob Ochterlony said — according to Radio Canada — that his country will maintain its presence in the Middle East, through a logistics center in Kuwait, in addition to military training missions in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

He pointed to the continued decline in the number of Canadian military personnel in the region since the liberation of Iraq from ISIS in 2017. The plan to reduce the deployment of Canadian forces in the Middle East, according to the Vice Admiral, is aimed at redeploying larger number of military personnel to Europe, where the Canadian forces are facing a number of new requests, due to the war in Ukraine.

Source- Arab Times.


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