Suspending home delivery service of Civil ID cards.

The Public Authority for Civil Information stopped the home delivery service of civil cards as the contract with the specialized company was not renewed. The last request for renewal of the contract was submitted to the State Audit Bureau on July 28, 2021.

PACI earns 650 fils from the Civil ID card holders while remaining amount goes to the delivery company, reports Al Qabas. The Audit Bureau report revealed that the company continued to provide its services during 2022, despite the end of the contract in July 2021. The authority stopped the service this month.

The Public Authority for Civil Information  is expediting the issuance of cards for domestic workers, citizens, and expats working in government ministries. The delay in issuing Civil ID cards for private company workers, dependent residence delay may continue for months. Already the complaints from Kuwaitis and expats have increased due to the delay in obtaining civil cards.

Source- Arab Times.

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