‘No stone will be left unturned to prevent cheating in exams’.

The Ministry of Education confirmed Monday, the follow-up to the results of the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution and the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Interior regarding the issue of examinations and cheating in order to take legal measures against the perpetrators, after providing it with the results of the final investigations.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Ahmed Al-Wahida, said in a press statement that the ministry, under the directives of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani, spared no effort in applying laws supporting the educational process and combating negative phenomena in cooperation with the concerned authorities during the examination period. Al-Wahida added that this comes in order to achieve justice and equality among the students, and for each of them to obtain their right in implementation of the policy of equal opportunities to build a good generation capable of participating in the development of the country.

He explained that those in charge of the examination committees implemented the regulations during the examination period for the first semester, which ended several days ago, by preventing the entry of all kinds of cheating means. He confirmed the ministry’s application of the examination regulations that were adopted in 2018, which punishes a student who cheats or attempts to cheat by depriving him of the subject score in the first semester and depriving him of all subjects if he cheats or tries to cheat in the exams at the end of the year. He pointed out that the minister stressed the need to hold accountable everyone who tamper with education and use it as a trade, stressing the ministry’s keenness to fight the most severe types of corruption affecting the course of the educational movement, such as the phenomenon of fraud and its negative impact on the quality of the education process in the country.

He stated that with the start of the mid-term exams for the current academic year 2022/2023 for secondary school students, the Ministry of Interior was addressed to follow up on electronic accounts that promote means of cheating in exams and take legal measures in this regard. He indicated that the ministry also communicated with the Ministry of Transportation, the Communications Authority and the Ministry of Health to study and discuss the possibility of blocking telephone services inside schools only, and the possibility of installing modern technical devices to prevent modern cheating methods from working within the walls of schools without affecting the health of our students.

He stated that the examination committees recorded 1,741 cases of deprivation of exams for students who cheated or attempted to cheat, whether by traditional or electronic means, in the exams of the first period in all educational regions, be it public, private and religious education. He explained that the first day of the exams witnessed the registration of 472 cases of deprivation, while 290 cases were recorded on the second day, and 127 cases on the third day, pointing out that 82 cases were recorded on the last and penultimate day for students of the scientific and literary departments in general education and religious education.

Source- Arab Times.

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