Massive campaign to nab traffic violators.

The efforts of the field security sectors represented by the Public Security Sector, the General Traffic Department and the General Directorate of the Rescue Police resulted in the issuance of 133 violations to motorists who make “disturbing noises from the exhaust” and impounded 71 cars and 4 motorcycles during the security and traffic campaigns, reports Al-Rai daily. The General Traffic Department during a traffic campaign in various regions issued about 3,216 citations and 350 violations were issued with the help of radar for speeding, and two people were transferred to the juvenile prosecution.

The joint force taking part in the campaign.

The Ministry of the Interior called on all motorists to abide by the laws, terms and conditions governing the organization and to contact directly in the event of any wrong behavior or monitoring any acts of recklessness to the emergency phone 112 or on the “WhatsApp” number of the General Traffic Department (99324092) in order to preserve the safety of everyone.

A senior police officer instructing his colleagues on the traffic campaign.
Source- Arab Times.

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