Thousands of Article 24 residence of expats under scrutiny.

The Ministry of Interior began checking files of expats who are on Article 24 (Self Sponsorship) as there has been suspicions of unworthy cases, those who deserve to stay under this article sorting has begun.

There are between 9,000 to 10,000 expats who have been granted residence under Article 24. Generally self sponsorship residence is given to businessmen, partners in commercial business license and to the wife ( of husband who is serving a criminal sentence) who is on dependent visa/family visa, and other specific cases.

Residence affairs discovered that many Article 24 visas were unlawfully acquired, they did not meet the required conditions, reports Al Rai. The Residence Affairs department developed a comprehensive plan to prohibit renewal of any Article 24 residence or granting new self sponsorship residence. The residence will be renewed or a new self sponsorship visa will be issued only through Assistant Undersecretary of Residency and Nationality Affairs Sector, Fawaz Al Mashaan. Approval will be given only to those who fulfill the conditions of the article. Those who have violated the law will be referred to the audit committee and the renewal of residence of Article 14 will be done between 10 to 3 weeks.

Source- Arab Times.

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