Medical experts warn against cheating devices use in exams.

Medical sources have warned against sound transmission headphones that students use to cheat during high school exams taking place these days in various educational areas, which causes damage to the inner ear and may cause deafness in some cases, confirming that emergency departments in a number of public hospitals receive dozens of cases that require rapid medical attention before serious complications occur to the student’s health, reports Al- Qabas daily. The sources explained to the daily that a majority of cases received by hospitals do not take long to extract the earphones in the emergency departments, with “small forceps” used by ENT doctors to extract foreign bodies that enter the ear, and in a very short period of time.

The sources pointed out other risks that may occur at any time for the student who puts the cheating headset in his ear, such as damage to the “eardrum”, the connecting bones of the middle ear, or the injury to the nerve and the nerve of the facial muscle, or even partial hearing loss, removing the headphones requires sometimes special methods and tools, which are done through a microscope, and through a surgical operation in the event that it is not possible to extract it from the ear.

The sources pointed out the need for family supervision of students and urged them to avoid following cheating methods, whether through headphones or any other methods that may have serious consequences for the student’s health in future and also may ruin their academic achievement. The sources added among the serious complications of installing headphones may result in ulcers, deep wounds, bleeding, ear infections and perforation of the eardrum.

Source- Arab Times.

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