Grandparents Day Celebrations at ISEK.

“Grandparents are the forerunners of future generations.”

Grandparents are the ones who help to lay a solid foundation for future generations and serve as strong pillars for the entire family. The students of ISEK celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 24th November 2022 to show their everlasting bond of love and affection towards their grandparents.

The Indian School of Excellence seeks to incorporate values into teaching, and this special day was organized to honour the contributions made by the grandparents at various stages of life.

The occasion was graced by Mr. Sunil Menon- CEO of Al Qabandi United Company, who conveyed a strong message on the importance of spending time with our loved ones rather using mobile devices, which are the root of many relationship gaps.

Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director, emphasized the value of grandparents love for their grandchildren and joyfully expressed how much she missed her own.

The students presented an awe- inspiring performances and the event provided the grandparents with many memories to take home, making it a wonderful moment in their lives. The Grandparents supported each performance with great cheers. After the assembly, the Grandparents wholeheartedly participated in games arranged for them and had amazing winners. The event left an imprint in the hearts of the Grandparents who expressed how important they felt as they were honoured in this way for the very first time


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